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Generator Installations is at the forefront of supplying generator services across the Pakistan. With over 17 years’ experience of installing and maintaining  generators, we are confident our company can support you in your enquiry.

Gas Turbine

TES is supplier of gas turbine shipping and storage containers.
The gas turbine containers are designed and fabricated for shipping and storage of different type of gas turbines.


Our piping engineers meticulously study the equipment layout, the availability of space, pressure drops, pipe sizes, ease of maintenance, accessibility and various other factors and establish pipe layout.


We offer a line of portable rental boilers for any emergency boiler breakdown, plant shutdowns, or building expansion plans.



Heat Recovery System

We are providing energy solutions by supplying custom built Waste heat recovery systems with their own & proven designs, technically sound systems and utilizing different waste energy sources.

Storage Tank(Steel)

Steel tanks are an ideal semi-permenent water storage solution. The industrial steel tank design was originally modified by Oxfam to be more robust and more easily deployable in an emergency.

Steel Structure

We specialize in the steel structure design, fabrication and installation of steel structures for a wide variety of uses, including agriculture, industrial, churches and schools.

Hot Water Absorption Chiller

Absorption chillers can produce cooling from exhaust or solar energy,  working on the same refrigerating principle as the conventional electric chiller.



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