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About us

           Tariq Mahmood




Success follows those who dare to dream and it specially follows those who dream by and labour with genuineness. The progress of our world is caption by inexorable leaders and we have qualms about saying that we are the leaders of what we do. No matter what we do, we give our best, more and more.
Tariq Engineering Services (TES) is an organization of highly motivated disciplined and trained team of Engineers, Technicians and Managers who day-in day-out serve to implement cutting edge solutions in the myriad field since 1997.
Our whole hearted commitment to serve our clients and investors is the booster fuel that propels us forward. We are driven by innovation and we love it in just organization, quality and excellence are not just corporate slogan to our garner business and profits, they are a quintessential part of our very being because without high standards, we don’t measure up to our ideas.


Tariq Engineering Services was established in 1997 for providing best possible engineering services to the industrial sectors. The founder Mr. Tariq Mahmood who had worked as a Mechanical Engineer for a number of years had gone through the ordeals of several contractors to whom he use to give jobs for execution. Having learnt bitterly their attitudes and behavior, he decided to establish his own company.

Starting on a low profile with very meager means, the company now has been converted into a first class Mechanical Engineering Company. Now this company has in its ownership all necessary tools and equipment for undertaking mechanical fabrication and installation works of any kind.

The company in its short life has earned a good reputation with its clients and intends to build on that reputation for further progress.

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