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Tools and Plants

Welding Plant Complete(Qty:40)

Argon Welding Set(Qty:8)

Welding Helmet(Qty:50)


Angle Grinder(9*)(Qty:40)

Angle Grinder(4*)(Qty:25)

Hand Drill Machine (Qty:8)

Magnetic Drill Machine(Qty:2)

Hammer Drill Machine(Qty:10)

Stationery Drill Machine(Qty:3)


Gas Cutting Set Complete(Qty:15)

Auto Gas Cutting Set(Qty:2)

Sheet Rolling Machine(Qty:1)


Hydraulic Jack 50 tons(Qty:4)

Hydraulic Jack 30 tons(Qty:10)

Hydraulic Jack 20 tons(Qty:12)


Chain Block 10 ton(Qty:4)

Chain Block 5 ton(Qty:10)

Chain Block 3 ton(Qty:15)

Chain Block 2 ton(Qty:12)



Spirit Level(Qty:40)


Tri Square 24*(Qty:30)

Tri Square 12*(Qty:40)

Tri Square 6*(Qty:30)


Spanner Set Ring(Qty:6)

Spanner Set Fix(Qty:6)

Spanner Set Socket(Qty:4)

Wretched Set(Qty:4)

Pipe Wrench(Qty:20)

Hammer Different Sizes(Qty:30)


Safety Helmet(Qty:70)

 Safety Belt(Qty:40)

Measuring Tap 30 Meter(Qty:6)

 Measuring Tap 15 Meter(Qty:8)

Measuring Tap 5 Meter(Qty:40)


Electric Switch Board With Cables(Qty:20)


Power Saw(Qty:2)

 Power Cutter(Qty:4)

Hack Saw(Qty:12)

Gas Cylinder Oxygen(Qty:40)

 Gas Cylinder LPG(Qty:10)

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